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Kindness Revolution



With rampant corruption, poverty, terrorism, extremism, intolerance and self-centredness making life difficult and miserable for most of the humans and animals, it is high time a Kindness Revolution is seen here.

We all wish that we and our family members, relatives and friends live a life full of love, peace and ease. We also want our country and the world to be peaceful and pleasant.

It’s indeed good to aspire for these ideals but if there is no corresponding commitment to do something for the purposes, we won’t have the cherished environment.

Remember that the difference between what is impossible and what is possible to achieve is the extent to which we are committed and determined to achieve our goals.

And remember that to make the world a lovely and pleasant place, every man and woman has got to fulfil his/her responsibilities in this regard. We will have to start a kindness process ourselves today. This surely will result in a kindness revolution.

Here are a few steps that anyone can take and which can help make the world a better abode for all of us and other creatures.

Be courteous to all. Meet everyone with a smile on your face. Try to be of ease and mercy for others. Deal all with honesty, tenderness, tolerance and spirit of sacrifice.


Love to all and hatred for none should be your motto. Kick hatred, vengeance and self-interest out of your heart and you will be safe from lots of problems.


Offer gifts to anyone who looks hungry or needs/asks for it.


If Allah has been kind to you, you must help the poor on regular and permanent basis. Feeding them, buying them clothes, financing their treatment or educating them could be some of its shapes. Make it your habit to offer this support to your relatives, neighbours or strangers.


Try to help the needy and the poor. Feed, clothe and educate them. Give permanent support to a few needy families. Try to reduce the burden of the people by guiding them, lifting or carrying their luggage, searching for things, crossing of roads or climbing up and so on.


Never ridicule others. Respect all.


Give preference to others over yourselves. Sacrifice your ease for others. Offer your seat to ladies or elders who are standing in public transport. Let others stand or go before you in lines. Share your umbrella with others when it rains. Offer lifts to the needy, children and ladies in good faith.


Be patient and tolerant especially when others are harsh to you. It is indeed real nobility.


Visit hospitals, old age centres, orphanages and Darulkifalas. Talk to the inmates there. Listen to them. Help them in every possible way and also urge others.


Assist both your permanent and temporary neighbours (companions in journey etc) and permanent ones when they need or request for it.


Value and extol good habits, words and conduct.


Always be the first to greet. Don’t wait for others to talk to you first.


Give praise, respect, gifts and attention to others without any expectation of the same.


Contact your friends, relatives, teachers, elders and youngsters through call, messaging or letters. Give them importance. They will surely feel inclined towards you more.


Respect, facilitate and love your subordinates like all noble persons.


Invite your relatives, neighbours and job colleagues every regularly even if at a cup of tea or glass of juice.


Be a good listener. Listen intently. Talk on your turn and if after others finish speaking.


Talk gently and properly. Your words and manner must both be proper. Your voice should neither be too feeble nor loud. Turn your whole body to the person who you talk to. Looking sideways while talking displays arrogance or lack of courage. Avoid this.


Avoid suspecting others as far as possible. Always think positively when thinking of the person, character and faith of others.


If you are an employee, try to perform your duties with utmost devotion and honesty. Treat the visitors and applicants well. Give them a good smile and try to help them out.


Give maximum time and enjoy your company with friends, family members and the people at hand. Give them enough attention and respect. No noble person could be expected to keep messaging distant friends but ignore those sitting beside him at present.


Never sever relations with friends or relatives or show haughtiness and indifference to them. Always be prepared to clarify if they feel annoyed. But always remember to ignore their faults. Be a source of unity and never of disarray.


Anger, malice, backbiting and self-centredness cut down love and brotherhood. Avoid them. Don’t say anything about someone which you could hardly tolerate yourselves from their side.


Readily accept a mistake if you commit one. Get rid of the habit of blaming others for a problem, failure or hardship. If you find others to be harsh, emotional, intolerant and unjust and you see that your response could make things worse, show patience. Keeping quiet or talking softly and sweetly is a sure recipe of keeping peace, relationships and love.


Keep quiet in anger and control your senses and response. You must always be inclined to know and respect what others feel. Love empathy.


Love the children. Confront them with a smile in neighbourhood, market, park and pathways. Greet them. Give them toffees when you meet them.


Alms giving surely help remove problems and ensure prosperity. Spend at least one percent of your income on the poor and needy. But please spend carefully. A portion of your charity must be apportioned for those relatives, neighbours and strangers who don’t ask for charity but appear entitled even to a layman.


Instead of making videos on mobile when there is an accident or bomb blast, try to take the injured to the hospital, inform the police or their relatives and emergency rescue services.


Raise your voice for the illiterate children, orphans, widows, the sick, minorities, the beggars and the poor and against aerial firing, drugs and other social evils.


Be a friend of environment. Work for green and clean atmosphere. Create awareness on tree plantation and conservation of flora. Also love animals. Provide the ants, birds and other animals with ease and food in your home and neighbourhood.