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Doctor, Engineer or CSS Officer? — Mahe-Kamil Hashmi



A CSS aspirant from Multan attempts suicide after being declared failed after her second attempt; this was the news I came across yesterday and couldn’t stop jotting down my views.

Most of us are told from our secondary school that there is no way to succeed except being an MBBS doctor, an Engineer or a Civil Servant. The one who chooses humanities is considered to be a below-average student. Those with Pre-Medical and Pre-Engineering are given the most prestige. O and A-levels are the recent famous additions in this regard. And then a series of requisites starting from transport to academies is put as a burden on parents.

It is also worth noticing that the purpose behind today’s education is to make money nothing else. Children are told from the commencement of their secondary school that they would make better money and gain honor if they would choose to be a doctor, an engineer or bureaucrat. There is no focus on moral development and character building.

Most of the doctors who become bureaucrats make public policies with having 5 years of medical education and just one- or two-years preparation about public administration and policies from CSS academies. This is not just in any case as to consume one medical seat first and then one seat for civil service. The same is the case with the quota being provided for Armed services in CSS.

The point I want to highlight here is that life doesn’t end at three professions only. It is never worth sacrificing your own precious life for the professions which you ain’t made for. Why did that girl feel so disappointed on herself that she took that ultimate step? Wasn’t there anyone to counsel her about her true capabilities? Why did she feel all doors to be closed?

It is to understand that life matters more than any other thing. With life, you’d be able to achieve or struggle for what you want to achieve but, failure is never the indication to end your life. Consistent failure might also be a sign to put your efforts somewhere else, where you might also be more interested and feel like doing. Career counselling is of immense importance in this regard. To make the generation realize that sky is the limit. Walking is important even if you take baby steps.

The world is being introduced to many more disciples and areas which need attention. There’s a need for everyone to look into something that is similar to their instincts and they might not be partial jobless even after getting a 6-digit salary per month.