Importance and Evaluation of Youth —- Farhat Rashid


As I see in my surroundings, it is found that the youth is unmotivated which is the main issue which needs to be addressed in Pakistan. In my social circle, youth is considered as the main power and senior citizens are considered as the experienced people who can groom the youth of Pakistan. In our Pakistani society youth needs attentions by which they can focus on their future and skills for utilisation. The issues of youth are common but difficult to understand. The main issues are the lack of opportunities which directs the youth towards anomalistic behaviors. The rich gentry focus on drugs to reduce their depression and anxiety when they failed to find the opportunities.

The youth are considered as the backbone of society. There are no societal movements which are strong enough to address and motivate the youth so they can work massively in their own directions. In number of countries there are several factors which are emphasised to boost the talent of youth. The first guidance institutes are the home and youth should motivate and educate from there. The parental guidance may not exist in promoting the youth. Identity issue is the main problem which needs to be focused for personal development of individual of youth in  Pakistan.

Childhood is the main chapter of life which set the framework of a person to set his goals and directions. The befuddle situations in a child life also effects on a person when he or she converts into youth. The parental guidance is not ample so they should counsel and understand the problem of child to counter the anomalies when they become youth.

As I found from the opinions of youth, that they are facing many challenges in their development of career and self-identity. In Pakistan the population of youth is huge and the challenges or obstacles are everywhere which distract the concept of patriotism. The legations should emphasise to meet the criteria of policies which are required in Pakistan. The dark future of the youth is dark future of the nation. According to my assessment transformation process is require to promote the youth for achieving their aims and objectives of life.  Every province of Pakistan should monitor the hurdles which youth faced in their wellbeing. Youth of Pakistan is found unaware in the sense of making more money which is not the real objective of life. Youth can bring the social change but the change can be positive or negative depending upon the mind-sets of youths.

This is main requirement to enhance the career of youth to maintain their presence in public and private sectors. If youth will focus on making the money it will be disaster for country. The awareness of ideology is necessary to understand by youth continuously. There are so many definitions and elaboration of youth which does not justify the criteria. According to National Youth policy, (2012), 15 to 29 years are the youth which affects the country by their acts and preferences. In Pakistan the youth has no political empowerment by which they can work for the countries in global direction of success.  I assess according to my opinion by movement in social circle, Youth have lack of resources which drags their motives of life.

The motivational speakers are necessary for youth to maintain their direction according to their point of interests. The main confusion in youth is the selection of career path which is not prominent in their lives.  Youth usually want to set the career in the profession which can make the huge paper currency in number of months. This is the selection criteria seen in youth which determine the level of depression and level of frustration. Finding the career path is the mission which adhered with the whole life, so it should develop according to skills and interests. The requirement and appeal to get money is the manifesto of youth which is the big blunder to change their life into death. Counselling of youth is necessary for their understanding about the identity. The innovative ways of treatment can bring the effectiveness in the society of youth. The governing policies need transformation to the set the new methods of enhancing the career path for youth.

In this whole discussion of my reflection from a Paksitani society, I want to conclude that still youth have lack of resources; information’s and decision making power to set their career. One thing I would like to mention that youth have so many capabilities and they need the track to counter the issues of life accordingly. The targets of youth should define to understand their capabilities and strength to work as a nation. The positive issues of Youth of Pakistan are the encouraged behaviour and mental compatibility which can divert their depression into power and frustration into moments of joy. Driving the youth is responsibility of governing structures which is not adequate according to current scenarios of Pakistan. There should be number of programs and conference in which the youth can invite to address their issues and opinion about their life.

Communication and understanding is the effective strategy by which the issues can resolve accordingly. I feel by my life experiences that there is no communication plan by which youth can develop their future plans. The issue of youth can resolve by youth to set their lives which are enough to satisfy their requirement.

If the governing structure reforms according to dimensions and empowerment of youth, the future of Pakistan can improve. Every province should maintain the sessions and techniques by which the youth can start motivating towards a healthy life of their career. The public and private sector can evolve the youth by adherence with stakeholders to increase the chances for youth in their professional career. The aims of this writing is to focus on the hurdles of youth either they are mentally or interlinked with their professional lives Youth is like the essence of society which needs attention to make the societies bright by their vision and energetic efforts.

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