An epistemological crisis of Liberalism


A contradictory position between God-Centrism and Human-Centrism: An epistemological crisis of “Liberalism” 

In these lines, I want to reveal that how, by adopting “Equality” and “Justice”, Liberalism is a contradictory position between God-Centric behavior and Human-Centric behavior. Also that claiming any esthetical value of Liberalism is only its irrational Justification. It is argued that established Liberal claim regarding human identification and his relation with other human beings is irrational because of its anthropocentric metaphysical groundings which demand “Absolute Human Freedom” not “Freedom with Order”. The Metaphysical position of God-Centrism requires “Absolute Obedience” while metaphysical groundings of Human-Centrism demand “Absolute Freedom”. Now by ordering “Absolute Freedom” and limiting its area through implementing the ideas of “Equality” and “Justice” and adopting, at the same time, Human-Centrism and Anthropocentrism as its epistemology, which is in fact ontologically grounded epistemology, Liberalism is a self-contradictory theory. Anthropocentrism, based on denial of God or God’s Will in forming human social structure, eventually leads toward radical individualistic approach. As it is the only rational outcome of this Human-Centric God-denial idea. And all other philosophical claims are merely illusions and unjustified desires to control “Absolute Freedom” according to their irrational ideas. If the historical process and human self-identification are believed to be merely anthropocentric God-Denial, then any attempt to order absolute freedom have no rational justification for it and should be deemed as “Dogmatic”. Either you have to admit the existence of God’s Will in the historical process and human self-identification or you should accept radical individualistic approach, that only accepts its own cheap benefits, as only rationally justified value. The question is this: when people are free and they do not accept any metaphysical explanations of human-self which transcendent their absolute freedom then why should they accept its limitation by implementing notions of “Equality” and “Justice” in the name of rationality which in fact has its own metaphysical underpinnings. “Absolute Human Freedom” achieved through anthropocentric God-denial approach cannot be limited by Liberal religio-historical prejudices. After denial God’s will in human self-identification and social construction, people became their own gods. Each and every individual is a god within itself. After denial of One God, we have to accept countless gods, each of which is struggling for his own individual benefits and has no need to any metaphysically grounded Liberal explanations for the justification of his power struggle. One and the only agreed-upon concept of “Good” in this power struggle game is “Use of power” itself. Al restrictions on “Absolute Human Freedom”, concealed someone own political, economic and social benefits or subjective concept of esthetics, are irrational. Killing, Raping and Robbing all are rational manifestations of this struggle; hence each of these acts is “Good”. There is no bad in these activities, once you accepted this human-centric God-denial approach as the only justified rule. So, in this context, only possible justification of any political, economical or social struggle is “Power”. And defining any collectivity in terms of Liberal concepts of “Equality” and “Justice” is a rational mistake. According to this fact, all existing national and international political and global economic structures should be identified as “Power Struggle” and defied through this rationally justified principle. Identifying Liberal values of “Equality” and “Justice”, which have paradoxical relation towards the anthropocentric God-denial concept of “Absolute Human Freedom”, as esthetical one is nothing but an excuse to justify limiting rationally determined absolute freedom to irrational metaphysically grounded ideas. Trough our evaluation we can claim that ontologically grounded deontological Liberalism and its ideas of “Freedom”, “Equality” and “Justice” area incoherent. Hence Liberalism is a self-contradictory theory in the history of “Political Philosophy”, and any esthetical justification of this self-contradictory idea is no more than an attempt to resolve its epistemological crises and admitting Liberalism failure to be proving itself as a rationally-sounding political theory.

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