Time Management and Effective Management —— Mohammed Karam

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Good time management does not mean non-stop and exhausting work, but time must be allocated to enhance performance and maximize advantages in order to achieve utmost benefit within the required time limit. Time management can be done through a collection of skills, tools and techniques used for time management to complete the set tasks, projects and objectives. Time is one of the most important resources used in the management processes and development planning, which aims to use time to develop laws and programs to carry out the works, which are essential for achieving the goals and boost the efficiency of work productivity.
For an organization to succeed, plans must be in place to achieve the set goal. Planning reduces future risks and losses. The administrative timing for completion of work reflects the efficiency and smoothness of the organization’s work and effort in achieving the aspired goals. The goals take the shape of a pyramid structure through which the primary goals and then the final goals are set by identifying the time required to complete the work and determine the type of work to be accomplished through the available time.
Time-organizing process begins with the start of arranging the resources and individuals in group, then distributing and assigning responsibilities. Any disturbance in one of these elements leads to discrepancy, time-wasting and delay in the implementation process. The significance of time management is seen through cooperation among employees, confidence-building and positive sense of responsibility.
Time management is a skill that develops through study, practice, selection of methods and tools which are suitable for work and status of problems. Such problems can be avoided through planning, organization and decision- making.
The goal of time organization in administrative work is to have the best time investment, quick work-completion and achievement of the goals that are in the best interest of work.
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